• 15 Checkpoints When Purchasing An English Springer Spaniel Pup

    15 Checkpoints When Purchasing An English Springer Spaniel Pup

    Purchasing an English Springer Spaniel pup is the first step on the long road of companionship and pleasure with these wonderful creatures. So, it’s important to get it right and these suggestions will enable you to do that. There’s a saying “let the puppy choose you”, but that’s all right up to a point, as you however wish to be sure that the brand new puppy is basically healthy.

    A pup is by definition quite young, so we will not know how it’ll grow, and thus need to rely on the appearance of the parents. The matters we can check on the mom (and maybe the dad too if he is around) without being judging pros are:

    1. From the side, is the body essentially square – Height equal to span is great?

    2. Does the mom stand with pigeon toes or with paws splayed, or ideally paws right ahead?

    3. Are the hindquarters muscular and strong looking and are the rear paws pointing forward? The rear legs should not be perpendicular or raked too much, and should have a reasonable rake back.

    4. Parallel should run with the dog’s back and not rise above it.

    5. The paws should look like a continuation of the legs as well as the toes shouldn’t be splayed (which may cause injury).

    6. The coat ought to be lustrous and healthy looking, but not coarse or curled. Feathering should not be excessive.

    7. Blue roan is an acceptable colour in america.

    In case the mother has a great natural gait with the legs swinging right forward afterward, and checks out nicely in these respects that all should be a great indicator for her pups.

    1. A liver colouring ought to be rich and dark.

    2. A wavy coat in a pup is not a great indication for an adult show dog – back and down the neck and assess the coat supporting the head. Revealing may not be important to you but a wavy coat will need grooming.

    3. Deep blue eyes that aren’t running or weeping (deeper shade nowadays means a stronger hazel color in adulthood).

    4. A cold wet nose with no pink spots.

    5. A jacket that is smooth and polished.

    6. Assess the teeth for correct bite – upper teeth have the jaw is set square as well as a close overlap on the lower teeth.

    7. Verify the testicles to see that they are both descended (this would be by 6-8 week of age). In case the pup is older than 8 weeks afterward both testicles must be fully descended for a show-line dog.

    The pup should too fat or too fat. Worms could be pointed to by an enormous tummy.

    These tests are generic, and then you should assess the Breed Standard in more depth for your particular country, as Breed Standards are not totally consistent globally in the event you are serious about winning prizes with your English Springer Spaniel.

    The aforementioned check list isn’t exhaustive but will give a good general indicator of the pup’s likely development.

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