• 5 Easy Steps to Enhancing Your Security Guard Service

    5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Security Guard Service

    When property managers hire security guard companies they have a picture in mind of what their contract security force will look like, but also often what they get is not what they envisioned. What we have discovered is that most security guard businesses are capable of providing the service that property managers want, but also often do not because of a lack of ongoing quality management procedures.
    Security guard businesses are unlike any seller a home supervisor usually hires. If you hire a painter, you are able to see whether or not they are doing their jobs by taking a look at the walls. However, when you hire a security guard business, how often can you see if the protector company is performing their job which includes running background checks and drug screenings, providing good training for your guards, and effectively tracking and supervising your defenses. In most instances they probably are, but it’s important to implement a system of verification and quality management to ensure that problems connected with the deficiency of performing these jobs don’t begin to happen.

    In this article we’ll talk five (5) easy steps to improving your safety guard service and achieving everything you imagine as your ideal keyholding.
    Display Your Guards Qualifications

    In most states, guards are mandated to have a specified level of training before they can begin working as security guards. If your state is one of these states, ensure your security guard company is compliant.
    If you are in a state where there are no state requirements for shield certificate, then investigate the sort of training that’s being supplied by your security provider and inquire does it look decent.
    Additionally, is the security guard firm performing history and drug screenings on all your guards BEFORE they send them to your property? If they’re, they ought to be providing you with verifications. Otherwise, why?
    Another superb method to screen if the protector is a good fit for your house is to conduct a short”interview” to get a feel for the guard and to explain your expectations. This initial conversation will tell you a lot about what to expect from this guard and it provides you an opportunity to ask a different guard if you think it is necessary.

    Evaluate Guard Training

    Though most security guard businesses have an extremely comprehensive orientation that introduces every guard to the business itself, in several circumstances the shield’s orientation to his delegated land is not quite as complete. We predict the orientation for the delegated land”Site Specific Training”. Learn What your site specific training resembles:
    • Can it happen at your premises?
    • Who does the training?

    • How long is each new officer educated?
    • How long does the security firm double lender? (Double banking is the process of having a veteran guard working in precisely the exact same time as the new guard.)
    Determine the response to each of these questions and be certain they fit with what you feel is adequate. You should even consider sitting in on your safety guard business’s orientation and also your site specific training to acquire an understanding of what goes into preparing a guard to work in your premises.

    Protect supervision is one of the more important factors of good security guard service. When security businesses provide poor supervision, there is not enough emphasis put on preventing mistakes, problems, and complaints. Deficiency of supervision also removes the chance for the protector to understand and better understand their duties. When the guards aren’t being supervised, they begin to feel their job is not important and they begin to see themselves as not as a part of the security group. When guards don’t feel as part of your group it generally contributes to unacceptable practices like unprofessional behaviour, tardiness, and even theft.
    Depending on the arrangement of your contract, on-site supervisors may not be included. If your contract does not demand on-site supervision, how does your security guard firm remotely oversee its defenses? Outside of the Standard security firm field supervisor spot checks, the 2 methods of distant supervision that prove most successful are: Officer Check-Ins
    In case your guards are required to make rounds of your premises, then a system for tracking them while on duty is essential. Officer Tour Tracking Systems provide a distant means of tracking the guards while they’re in your premises. These tracking systems allow the security guard business to monitor the log and time the activity of these guards while they’re making rounds to several areas in your premises. Many Officer Tour Tracking Systems can create reports which empower the safety guard firm to quickly acquire an understanding of if the protector is making rounds. The property manager should also be provided with an updated version of these reports. Manufacturers of these systems comprise Deggy and Timekeeping Systems, Inc..
    In addition to Officer Tour Tracking systems, we have discovered that using a system for guards to check in regularly with the safety guard provider provides a method of making certain each guard is safe and alert. By having guards check-in regularly together with the safety guard business, at least each 30 minutes, guards feel their security is important and being awake and attentive is an significant part their job.
    Inspect Your Guards

    After hours inspections of your defenses are always great ways of finding out exactly what is occurring with your safety as you aren’t there. Through these inspections, be sure that you ask your safety guards questions regarding their responsibilities and duties to ensure they know their jobs. In reality, we suggest having your safety guards audited regularly, formally (i.e. post review ) and (i.e. secret shopped) by a licensed security adviser as part of your ongoing security program.
    Firms like Asymmetric Strategies provide a free service aimed at doing exactly that. Bear in mind, when selecting a security adviser be sure the adviser is not really a security guard business. If that’s the case, your audit is guaranteed to turn up problems with your existing security guard business.

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